Employee Benefits

The following benefits are available to eligible employees. Healthcare benefits are provided by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Arizona Inc. 1. Salaried W2 Employees Paid Vacation and Paid Holidays. 10 days of paid holidays and experience based vacation plan are available to all eligible Salaried W2 Employees. Vacation eligibility starts after 120 days of employment with the company and accumulates at the rate of 5 days for every 6 months. Health Insurance Coverage 80% of the Employee only Medical Insurance is paid by the company for the standard plans. The employee may elect to include their family members at the group rates. Difference in the Premium amounts from between the company standard employee only plan and the elected plan will be deducted automatically from the paycheck. 401 K Retirement Savings Plan The company offers a 401 K Retirement Savings Plan for all employees. Company contributions to this plan are limited to 2% of the annual salary earnings of the employee. Company contributions have a vesting period of 2 years. 2. Hourly W2 and1099 Employees Vacation Hourly employees are not eligible for company sponsored vacation. Health Coverage Hourly W2 and 1099 employees may participate in the company sponsored group plan to avail the low premium rates and will be responsible for the whole premium of the elected plan. 401 K Retirement Savings Hourly employees may participate in the company's 401 K Retirement saving plan. However, the company matching contributions are solely at the company's discretion.